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  I have something to share, it is about my personal programming road. Since this is translated by Google, it is inevitable that there are some places where the grammar is wrong. I want to write in English, because it is advanced.Because I am not the main front end, the entire page looks ugly. I just want to express that I have a site of my own.

  I am studying at an general university, specializing in Internet of Things projects, majoring in C++.During the sophomore year, we entered our Dean's Information Security Lab, which focused on lightweight block cipher algorithms. I applied for a patent for the invention of a cryptographic algorithm in December of the 17th, and I am preparing to publish a paper recently. These are academically related and very different from actual projects, but the same ones need to be solved by programming. The university is a place of freedom, a place to live comfortably, but it is difficult to change state if it is comfortable for a long time. While writing a patent, I passed the intermediate software designer exam in the second half of 17 years. I believe that creativity can only be created when there is pressure.

  When I interviewed Tencent and failed, I was completely aware of the weakness of my foundation. So I went back to make up a C++ Primer and Effictive C++ recommended by Tencent employees. After reading it, I found out that I was just getting started.

  As a large part of the students, it is hard to find a job, but it is not. As a person, I am also worried that I can't find a job. Because I am not a god, so there is no such high requirement. For BAT, I think they are far from me. My experience is that I must salvage the foundation. The basis of my research is not only the grammar of computer language, but also the characteristics of them. For them, we should have our own understanding, but we must know why. . Then, regarding the project requirements, it is not bad for the freshmen to reach one or two. Only we have done it ourselves to know which places need more attention.

  The interview is to build the aircraft carrier, and the work is to screw the screws.--one of my colleagues

  This is what my colleague told me. We only listen as jokes. Working in a company, unless the top 500 companies, we regard the creation of the wheel as a learning process, because the application often uses other people's libraries, your algorithm is better, and it is not better than them, because these libraries consider too many situations have occurred. Of course, you must know what basic libraries are used to encapsulate these libraries.

Advice to the schoolmates:

  ACM spends a lot of time, the game is not easy to win, if the university has never won the competition, the university can only use "at least exercise the logic and programming ability" to comfort yourself, ACM take The jackpot needs talent and late. In fact, other people who mix labs, do research or do application works, at least can mix the second and third authors of the paper, software copyrights, patents, etc., or the awards of the works, their programming ability is not bad, the project ability is still Well, among these people, talents are generally, through late efforts, at least easier than ACM, and the efforts will not be higher than the effort of ACM to win the second prize. If you take ACM, then I admire you and admire your perseverance and thinking. If you go to the studio lab, then I admire the various awards you have received. Moreover, if the postgraduate course is academically appropriate, the teacher will give you a lot of resources. Finally, of course, all can be made, choose the main line, life is short, time is not much, must be clear!



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